What I Believe

  • The heart always seeks out love, even the angry, broken, and rebellious ones
  • That people are deeply flawed and crave connection
  • That love without communication is not true love
  • That life without curiosity is not true life
  • That Happily Ever After can mean a million different things
  • That Love Stories have the ability to capture, transform, and define the heart
  • That life belongs to those who dare to be different
  • That forever is a choice you make every single day
  • That love has a many many faces
  • That women will take over the world
  • That insecure girls can grow into fierce women
  • That you define love, you deserve love, and you determine who is worthy of your love.

What I know

I know that you agree with at least a few of my beliefs. If you didn’t you’d be pissed off at me right now and would have clicked away faster than a naked heroine would slam the door in her hunky roommates face—why did she even agree to let him live with her? He’s such an ass…with his stupid smirk and chiseled jawline…

Oh, right. This is supposed to be about me…

There’s a reason I write stories about imaginary people—but as my therapist reminds me, you have to put yourself out there, Trish, even if it’s scary. Especially when it’s scary.

Who I am

My name is Trish Martin—okay, so let’s not start with lies here. My real name is Allison, but for the sake of my romance writing I go by my middle name. Trish.

I am obsessed with love in all its forms and I’m endlessly drawn to deeply flawed characters that are struggling to discover where they belong in life. I am not a fan of tradition or convention—my favourite stories are ones about outcasts, misfits, and outlaws.

My romance stories star adventurous women who want to carve out their own futures on their own terms. These sassy, smart women are paired with sexy heroes who support and challenge them with big hearts and open minds—yes, fundamentally nice guys can be sexy and direct while still being kind and giving. It’s a thing, okay…

Every book or story I write follows the same guiding rules:

  • Open Communication
  • Full Consent
  • Healthy Conflict

If a scene doesn’t hit one of these three rules, it doesn’t make it into the book. Or it’s there very purposefully to aid the growth of the character.

So, I write the world’s most boring books then, right?

Nope. Remember when I mentioned I prefer deeply flawed characters…There’s a lot of drama, angst, and high stakes in there, I promise.

Oh, look! I was supposed to talk about me and made it about my characters again…

For Real, This Time it’s About Me

I’m a Canadian author, living and loving in the northern mountains of Yukon—that’s right next door to Alaska, y’all.

Most people who don’t know me think I live this badass remote wilderness life, hiking and biking and paddling through the unknown.

Most people who do know me, know the truth. I’m the wimpiest adventurer who ever wandered these woods, battling daily with sometimes debilitating anxiety and insecurity.

Slowly—soooooooooo slowly—I’m learning how to take back control of my brain and build healthier coping skills to ensure that fear doesn’t hold me back from living a full life. Did I mention it’s slow?

When I was a young girl I boldly claimed that romance was gross and I was never getting married or having children until I met a man that changed my mind. Well, turns out I met him when I was twelve…and hated his guts.

Two decades later, he is my best friend and my forever. Together we have a beautiful little girl who rules our world.

All the boring stuff

  • I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to be when I grew up and ended up dropping out of three of the five schools I went to. I don’t like formal education…no MFA for this gal!
  • I’ve been working in Graphic Design and Advertising for twelve years, six of those were spent designing book covers for some pretty awesome authors.
  • I also write Young Adult Contemporary under Allie Martin, Science Fiction under A.I. Martin, and Paranormal/Urban Fantasy under a shared pen name AJ Brooks
  • I sometimes teach authors how to market and brand their books through writing conferences, online challenges, and one-on-one coaching.