At the Heart of Love


Twenty-one-year-old Maria Russell grew up in the mountains watching her father and four older brothers fly, knowing that’s exactly what her future held. But running a tourism business isn’t all just air time and beautiful landscapes, especially with her father’s failing health and financial hiccups. Maria has to work with the Russell’s broodingly handsome lawyer to settle an insurance dispute and keep the company from bankruptcy. It takes her one look to realize her school-girl crush is still burning bright but her thoughts are far, far from innocent now.

Since his wife left him, thirty-five-year-old Topher Alexander has buried himself in his work during the week and hanging out with his preteen son on the weekends. When the youngest Russell storms into his office demanding the details of her father’s account Topher’s carefully constructed life begins to crumble with every advance by the fiery woman he never saw coming.

Maria has an itch only Topher is capable of scratching, but his refusal to admit his attraction to her kicks her competitive spirit into overdrive. She’s determined to convince him that she is all woman and knows a thing or two about sex, but as he grows more interested in her heart it’s clear that Maria is completely lost when it comes to falling in love.

What a refreshing take on romance!

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